Whether you drive a Camry, Corolla, Rav 4, Avalon, Highlander, or Tacoma, Custom Concepts Illusionz (CCI) has the Toyota caliper covers for you. You probably chose Toyota for its reputation for safety, durability, and value. With each model year, Toyota ups its game regarding its style, too.

Toyota caliper covers from CCI enhance your Toyota’s look and also add to the lifespan of your brakes. We make our caliper covers from high-quality aluminum. This makes them effective heat sinks, drawing heat away from your brakes and dispersing it into the air that circulates around your wheels as the car moves.

And speaking of wheels, our caliper covers deflect brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner for a fresher look. Whatever the style of your wheel, parts of the brake apparatus will show through, and those can make your car look overly mechanical or industrial. Our Toyota caliper covers solve that problem, covering 90 to 100 percent of your brake calipers with an attractive shield. Plus, these covers come in several standard and custom colors.

With CCI caliper covers, you can add more custom detail like text, logos, or even your monogram. While Toyotas are known for offering a little more style in an everyday car, their designs aren’t at the top of the list for individuality. That’s where your custom caliper covers can make the difference: No one will confuse your car or truck with anyone else’s when it’s wearing colorful, custom caliper covers from CCI.

Ordering is easy—just select the correct model of Toyota from the drop-down list on our order form. If you don’t see your specific car listed, call us. We custom make all our caliper covers to the exact specifications of your vehicle, with a turnaround time of approximately 14 to 21 days.

Installation is easy with our powerful magnets, which we include with your purchase. When you receive your caliper covers, call us; we’ll walk you through proper installation so that there are no questions or confusion. We’re here to answer the phone or return your call promptly; there’s no working your way through an automated system only to find yourself back at the “main menu” without reaching a human being. At CCI, we’ll be here to respond to your calls and questions. Contact us about caliper covers for your Toyota today.