1.) What are the covers made out of?
CCI Standard and Pro Caliper Covers are made out of .019 aluminum sheeting & assembled out of very powerful adhesive to support the 3d builds.

2.) Are the covers powder coated?
No, they are painted with high heat high quality automotive paints. Powder coating would not handle the flexibility the covers need for the magnetic install.

3.) Will the covers fall off?
No! These covers are installed with very high strength neodymium magnets mated with extreme strong double sided tape that is very effective in all elements including heat!!! We send out strict instructions on install process, when followed  the results are rewarding.

4.) Are they easy to install?
Yes they are magnetic super easy installation.

5.) Is there a warranty?
Yes one year on build defects only!

6.) Are you sure they will fit?
Important piece of info, CCIAUTO covers are built specifically to each vehicle specs… all covers will fit they are built vehicle specific!

7.) Will they fit behind my wheels?
CCIAUTO covers need 3/4 inch at minimum of a clearance to be worn! Anything less then this requires a wheel spacer.

8.) How do they do with snow & salt?
The covers are aluminum making them very durable any steel is used in small amounts & galvanized steel… but it is important to know these caliper covers are easily removable, if this is a concern we suggest taking them off to protect your investment.

9.) Are the decals protected?
All decals & text on covers are cleared  in for protection.