Hondas are known and loved for their reliability, efficiency, durability, and value. Whether you prefer the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Crosstrek, or Odyssey, you probably chose a Honda for those qualities. But it’s a fair bet that you didn’t choose a Honda for its glamorous appearance. That’s okay: CCI’s custom Honda caliper covers can add some individuality and zest to your Honda’s appearance.

Caliper covers exposed brake parts that don’t add much to, and often detract from, the overall appearance of your car. But don’t choose just any caliper covers—there are important reasons to choose one from CCI.

We make our Honda caliper covers from the highest-quality aluminum, and we paint them with top formula automotive paint. Choose from standard blue, black, red, white, or yellow, or we’ll work with you to create a custom color for Honda caliper covers for your car’s model.

Our caliper covers do more than just make your car look cool; they also protect your brake calipers and deflect brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner. The aluminum they’re made from naturally conducts heat, so it absorbs heat from your brakes and dissipates it as air passes over them, keeping your brakes and wheels cooler. Getting rid of that heat can help extend your brake’s useful life.

In addition, our caliper covers shield a greater percentage of the total area of your brake calipers from view and from the elements. Most caliper covers disguise only part of your brake’s calipers. CCI’s caliper covers provide 90 to 100 percent coverage, disguising less attractive brake parts and providing some colorful zip to your car.

Our customizations don’t stop with just your choice of color. You can add custom text, your initials or a monogram, or your business logo to truly personalize your car’s look.

Finally, CCI’s Honda caliper covers are easy to install thanks to the powerful magnets that come with them. When you order your caliper covers, we’ll make them according to your car make and model’s precise specifications within a 14- to 21-day turnaround. When you receive them, you can contact us, and we’ll provide detailed installation instructions and guidance so that your caliper covers go on right and look great.

At CCI, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re a boutique shop, so when you contact us, you’ll talk to a human being who understands your needs and can answer your questions. Give us a try—your Honda will thank you!