From the days of the Model A and the Model T, the creation of the assembly line, and the development of the iconic Mustang, Ford cars and trucks have been an essential part of the American landscape. Ford also led advancements in hybrid technologies and was an early adopter of safety features like seat belts and child safety locks.

Odds are you or someone you know owns a Ford car or truck. But it’s less likely that the Fords you know of stand out as uniquely as a vehicle fitted with custom Ford caliper covers from Custom Concepts Illusionz (CCI).

Our Ford caliper covers fully conceal the functional parts of your brakes that show through your wheels and wheel covers. In any of our five standard colors (red, blue, yellow, black, and white) or a custom color you choose, our caliper covers add character and individuality to your vehicle.

In addition to looking good, our caliper covers provide performance benefits. They deflect brake dust away from your wheels, and they absorb and disperse excess heat, which can help your brakes last longer. High-quality aluminum construction makes our brake caliper covers durable and strong yet lightweight.

Easily installed with the powerful magnets included with your purchase, Ford caliper covers from CCI protect your brake calipers and enhance your vehicle’s look by covering up the more utilitarian parts of your brake apparatus.

Go a little further with customization by adding your own text, initials, logo, or graphic (subject to approval) to your custom caliper covers. Read specifications carefully to ensure your wheels provide enough clearance for our caliper covers. Our Standard X-line is sleeker, while our GT-X line allows for more 3D detail with enhancements like brake lines, bolts, and rubber caps for a realistic look. We can also customize them with either aluminum or acrylic face plates. Acrylic face plates add more depth to the covers for a more pronounced 3D appearance.

If you’re looking for Ford caliper covers, call CCI today. We’ll be here to answer the phone, or we’ll get back to you personally just as soon as we can.