First impressions are hard to overcome, but Kia has done it. The inexpensive brand started out with an unfortunate reputation for poor quality, but Kia has poured effort into improving reliability and safety ratings. Its popular Sportage has been holding its own toward the top of reliability reviews, while other models land in the middle of the pack. Kias are known for less expensive repair costs as well.

Using Kia caliper covers from Custom Concepts Illusionz (CCI) can help protect and extend the life of the brakes and wheels on your Kia vehicle. Our caliper covers absorb and dissipate heat because they’re made of high-quality aluminum, which is an excellent conductor. The caliper covers also deflect brake dust away from your wheels, keeping them cleaner. Our designs provide 90 to 100 percent coverage of your brake calipers, which is more than any other brand we’ve seen.

Your Sportage will look even sportier with custom Kia caliper covers in your choice of standard or custom colors. We make every set of caliper covers to order according to the precise specification for the model Kia you own. We can turn most orders around in 14 to 21 days.

Not only can you choose custom colors, but you can also order caliper covers with your logo, custom text, initials, or other graphic designs you supply (logos subject to approval). We’ll make every effort to include your custom text or logo in a sharp and clear format on your caliper covers. Text or logos are protected to ensure durability.

Our caliper covers stay in place with our powerful magnetic connectors (we include those with your order). They install easily with the specific instructions we provide when you receive your caliper covers. And even better, with CCI, you’ll deal directly with the principals of the company. We’ll answer the phone and take the time to answer your questions. Contact CCI to ask about Kia caliper covers today!