Although Indian auto giant Tata Motors now owns it, Jaguar will always be a quintessentially British car. With its impressive history as a race car and its iconic feline hood ornament, Jaguars are still built primarily in the UK and revered as luxury performance cars. Moving forward, Jaguar has pledged to convert its Land Rovers to all-electric by 2025 and its entire model line to electric operation by 2030.

Custom Concepts Illusionz makes Jaguar caliper covers for a full range of Jaguar and Land Rover models. Our aluminum caliper covers shield working parts of your brakes from view while also protecting your wheels from excess brake dust. Jaguar caliper covers from Custom Concepts Illusionz (CCI) also act as heat sinks, absorbing heat from your brakes and diffusing it into the air that flows over and around your wheels as your car moves.

We make our Jaguar caliper covers according to the specifications for your vehicle. You can order them in one of our five standard colors (black, white, red, blue, or yellow), or you can look up your car’s paint color code when you order with the instructions available on our website.

To further distinguish your custom Jaguar caliper covers, add custom text, a logo, or a monogram. We’ll include your text or graphics (subject to approval) on your custom Jaguar caliper covers using a method that ensures they won’t peel or fade.

Our caliper covers attach to your car with the strong magnets included with your purchase. We’ll walk you through the easy installation process to ensure your caliper covers fit properly and work as intended on your car. This is important to preserve your one-year warranty. And, with our focus on customer service, we want to ensure your satisfaction and your car’s great looks. That’s why we’ll always pick up the phone to answer your questions and respond to your concerns. Call today to discuss your Jaguar model and how we can help with caliper covers. We can usually get your caliper covers to you within a 14- to 21-day window from the day you order.