Dodge is known for classic muscle cars and powerful pickup trucks, along with its legendary sports/race car, the Viper (street-legal version discontinued in 2017, due to low sales and an inability to meet safety standards requiring side airbags). Dodge’s Challengers and Chargers are scheduled to phase out in 2024 as Dodge turns its attention to developing electric vehicles.

Whether you currently own a classic Dodge muscle car or a powerful Ram truck, you can enhance its look with Dodge caliper covers from CCI. We make Dodge caliper covers that meet your vehicle’s precise specifications.

We construct our Dodge caliper covers, and all the other caliper covers we make, from high-quality aluminum. These covers are attached to your car with powerful magnets (but bolt-on versions are available). These quality caliper covers shield a greater percentage of the area of your brake calipers (up to 90 to 100 percent) than other brands. They deflect brake dust to keep your wheels cleaner, and they act as heat sinks to absorb and then radiate heat into the air and away from your brakes. This can extend the brakes’ lives.

But more than simply covering those less attractive brake parts, our Dodge caliper covers are customizable. Choose a custom color and add your initials, logo, or custom text to make your already robust Dodge look even cooler. Express your personality and identify your car or truck as one owned by someone who takes their car or truck seriously with custom caliper covers from CCI.

At CCI, we pride ourselves on our accessibility and customer service. We answer the phone, return calls, and provide tips and installation instructions directly to you. When you call, you’ll talk to the principals of this business; these individuals care about you, your car, and your satisfaction.

When you decide to add caliper covers to your Dodge vehicle, call CCI. We’ll make sure you get the fit, the look, and the service you need and deserve.