While the four rings of the Audi logo—representing the four companies that originally merged to form the Audi company—are immediately recognizable, your Audi may not look quite unique. We can fix that with custom Audi caliper covers. Astute car owners invest in custom caliper covers to enhance their car’s appearance and extend the lifespan of their brakes.

At CCI, we make all our caliper covers to order according to the specifications of the make and model our customers select. High-quality aluminum construction makes our Audi caliper covers durable yet lightweight. They provide a heat sink, drawing heat away from your brakes so that it’s drawn off by the air passing over and through your wheels as you drive. Caliper covers also deflect brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner.

When you order, you can choose from one of our five standard colors (red, blue, yellow, white, or black) or indicate a custom color that matches your car. We’ll show you how to locate your Audi color code so that we can match the color you want. Our process also allows us to add custom text or logos (subject to approval) to your specifications.

“Audi” is from a Latin word that means “listen,” after the founder’s surname, “Horch,” which means “listen” in German. At CCI, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, and we’ll listen to your inquiries. As a boutique shop, we answer the phone and provide helpful guidance without any nonsense or hard sell gimmicks.

When you receive your brake caliper covers, we ask that you contact us, so we can walk you or your mechanic through the easy installation using our high-powered magnetic connectors. We want the installation to go perfectly, so we can honor your one-year warranty.

The four rings of the Audi logo will be just one of the identifying features of your car when it’s wearing CCI custom brake caliper covers. These caliper covers enhance the look of your luxury performance car, adding an element of individuality and an extra dash of character. Contact CCI to talk about your custom caliper covers today.