Honda introduced its luxury Acura brand in the US and Canada in 1986. With its well-known Legend and Integra models, it evolved into the alpha-numerically named roster of models of today. The company’s logo represents calipers, a precision tool used to measure thickness (not to be confused with brake calipers). The brand name suggests a derivation from the Latin root acu, meaning precise.

Whatever model of Acura you own, Custom Concepts Illusionz can make Acura caliper covers that fit your car. All our caliper covers match the precise specifications of the model car our customers select when ordering. We make our Acura caliper covers, as well as all our other brake caliper covers, from high-quality aluminum. This provides strength and durability without adding too much weight to your car.

Our Acura caliper covers attach to your car with powerful magnets, which we include with your purchase. Once properly installed, these Acura caliper covers shield the mechanical parts of your brakes, disguising them from view from the outside of your wheels. They also absorb and diffuse heat, which can help your brakes last longer and perform better. Caliper covers deflect brake dust, too, helping your wheels stay cleaner.

When you order your Acura caliper covers from CCI, we make them to order according to the exact specifications for your particular car. You can choose one of our five standard colors or look up the code for your car’s paint color; we’ll match it with the highest-quality automotive paint. For additional customization, you can choose to add text, logos, graphics, or initials (all subject to approval). Your car will be unmistakably your car with custom caliper covers from CCI.

We can usually turn your order around in 14 to 21 days. Then, when you receive your custom calipers, we ask that you contact us for precise installation instructions. Putting our caliper covers on your car is easy, thanks to our magnetic connectors, but there are details specific to each car that we’ll go over with you to ensure installation is correct. This helps to preserve your warranty and make sure the part works correctly on your car.