There are days when it seems like every spoiled teenager is barreling around in a Jeep that their doting parents bought them. But don’t let that fool you: Jeeps are serious vehicles that handle a great variety of terrains and road conditions. That’s probably why they’re so popular with off-roaders and people who must drive unpaved backroads.

Jeep owners don’t balk from driving in conditions that other passenger vehicles can’t handle. That’s one of many good reasons to enhance your Jeep with Jeep caliper covers from CCI. Our aluminum caliper covers shield your brake calipers from view and disperse brake dust away from your wheels. They also help dissipate heat that builds up in your brakes and wheels, which helps these parts last longer.

Even if—or maybe especially if—you drive your Jeep only on city streets and highways, you should consider adding Jeep caliper covers that make your Jeep stand out from all the others out there. Customize your Jeep caliper covers by choosing a custom color and adding initials, a logo, or text that communicates who you are.

With custom caliper covers from CCI, no one will ever mistake your Wrangler or Cherokee for someone else’s vehicle—our caliper covers make it clear that yours is no cookie-cutter Jeep but rather a vehicle owned by an adventurous, creative individual who makes their own path.

We make caliper covers that meet the precise specifications of your model vehicle; plus, these covers have a 14- to 21-day turnaround. These caliper covers are easy to install with the powerful magnetic connectors that come with them, and we provide direct installation instructions to you when you receive your caliper covers. When you call us, you’ll get through to a real person who can answer your questions, so you can install your caliper covers and get back on the road—or off it. Call us today to discuss your needs and ideas for your custom caliper covers.