Many drivers choose Lexus because it offers a luxurious ride and appearance without the worries of expensive and frequent maintenance that come with other luxury brands. The brand also holds impressive resale value—exactly what you might expect from Toyota’s luxury division.

At Custom Concepts Illusionz, we make Lexus caliper covers for most Lexus models. When you order, we make caliper covers to the specifications of your car to ensure a proper fit and high performance. We make our Lexus caliper covers, like all our other brake caliper covers, from high-quality aluminum. This makes them durable but lightweight, so they don’t interfere with your car’s performance.

Their aluminum construction makes them effective heat sinks, attracting heat from your brakes and dispersing it into the air that washes over your wheels as the car moves. Another benefit of our Lexus caliper covers is that they deflect brake dust from your wheels, helping them stay cleaner for longer.

We offer Lexus caliper covers in five standard colors: white, black, red, blue, and yellow. You can also order custom caliper covers in a color to match your car—simply look up how to find the paint color code for your car on our website and indicate the code when you order.

To personalize your Lexus even more, we can add custom text or a logo (subject to approval). If you add these additional customizations, they’re protected, so they won’t peel off or degrade; rather, they’ll maintain their like-new look.

Our magnetic connectors make our caliper covers easy to install. We include connectors with your purchase: We simply ask that you contact us upon receipt, so we can walk you through installation for your particular car. That way, we can be sure your caliper covers will look great and function properly and that your one-year warranty will remain in effect.

Finally, at CCI, we pride ourselves on offering responsive customer service. We’re a small shop, and when you call, it’s likely you’ll speak directly with one of our principals. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide information—with no hard-sell or automated phone trees causing you frustration. We just want you to be satisfied and your car to look great wearing our custom caliper covers.